Message from the President  & CEO

Our company were merged by AIOI MIRIN Co., Ltd. (as core of the mergement), AICHI SHUSEI INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd., and AIOI SHUZO Co., Ltd. on Oct 1, 2004 and had a new start with the new name of AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd.
AIOI MIRIN Co., Ltd have produced and sold liquor seasonings (mirin as main products) with the tradition of over 140 years since 1872. And AICHI SHUSEI INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. have produced and sold a variety of alcohol-related products such as shochu,umeshu, medicinal liquor, soft drink, etc. since 1941 when we started as a shochu supply company for Mikawa region. Besides, AIOI SHUZO Co., Ltd. produced and sold Japanese sake"AIOI Sakari" widely in Aichi Pref. We have become a comprehensive liquor brewer who own all the licenses for liquor production except for beer through this merger. We're aiming to become a company which can be able to exert the comprehensive strengths while combining the history and personality of the three companies.
In recent years, with the flow of deregulation, the competition between manufacturing industry has become more and more intense.
The new company is determined to make use of the comprehensive power, to exceed the past and to manufacture the products which can meet the customers' needs.
As for our new company's name, UNIBIO of AIOI UNIBIO was named from the etymologies of Union (=together) and Bios (=live), however, it was created from the meaning of AIOI. “UNIBIO”, is the word which can be directly understood as the "AIOI"meaning of “married couple live a long and healthy life together,” and is also our corporate philosophy of "to create a vital food and life style together with our customers." Our naming is based on the above meaning as it is. "UNIBIO" also has the meaning of Universal (comprehensive) Biotechnology (fermented technology), which is also considered as the development guidelines for the new era from 21th century. It's said that the 21st century is the life century. The harmony with nature, the harmony with people, and the harmony with mind & body are strongly required in order to create a healthy and peaceful century when people can have a cheerful and vital life.
We aim to provide our customers with the products which can contribute to rich food life and physical & mental health by taking advantage of the movement of microorganisms to drawing out the power of rice and cereals (nature's gifts) through our tradition and fermentation technology.
We expect your continuous support and encouragement for sustainable growth now and in the future.

AIOI UNIBIO Co.,Ltd. President Muramatsu