History and Milestones

For over 140 years since our foundation, we are always aiming to create new food culture.

1872 Yuzo Kokune started producing AIOI mirin in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture.
1918 Bunji Muramatsu started producing mirin (Ubuzakura) in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture.
1941 MIKAWA GODO SHOCHU Co. Ltd. (changed to AICHI SHUSEI INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. in 1945) was founded with license for alcohol as raw materials and shochu (distilled spirits).
Branch brewery was established in Shanghai, China.
1954 Yuzo Kokune started producing Japanese sake.
1956 Bunji Muramatsu started producing Japanese sake.
1959 The two companies integrated business structure for rationalization.
AIOI MIRIN Co., Ltd. and AIOI SHUZO Co., Ltd. were established.
1966 The company’s head office and brewery moved to Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture for facility expansion.

1969 AIOI Shirozake were produced and sold.
1973 Fermented seasonings were produced and sold.
1975 Shinmiryo (a kind of mirin-like seasoning) was produced and sold.
1977 Tokyo office was opened.
1985 Onsen Kazoku, a product for use in Japanese sake spa was started for sales. Meanwhile license for wine production was obtained and wine sales began.
1988 Tokyo Branch Office was established (company’s own building)
1989 AIOI HAKKO Co., Ltd. was established, and Pharmaceutical affairs department was separated and became independent.
1990 Osaka office was opened in Shinmachi Nishi-ku, Osaka City
1991 Nagoya office was opened.
2000 Products of AICHI SHUSEI INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. (Shochu, etc.) were started on sale.
The Yayoi branch brewery of AICHI SHUSEI INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. was established (for production of fermented seasonings).
The Handa factory of AIOI HAKKO Co., Ltd. was established.

2002 Koichiro Muramatsu was appointed as the President & Chief Executive Officer.
AIOI Group obtained ISO9001 certification
Shanghai Xiangshen Condiment Co., Ltd., was established in Shanghai, China.
2003 The Handa Logistics Centre was established in Handa City.
2004 AIOI Group obtained ISO14001 certification.
The Nagoya Branch was relocated from Nagoya City to Sunosakicho in Handa City, and changed its name to the Chubu Branch.
AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd., was established.
2006 The production division of AIOI HAKKO Co., Ltd. was taken over by the new company.
The Order Reception Center was established in Sunosakicho in Handa City.
2010 The company was certificated as an Aichi Quality company in FY2009.
2012 The Nagoya Office was established close to Nagoya Station in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya.
The Osaka Branch was relocated to Utsubo-Honmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka.