Privacy Policy

AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. ("we") website is operating as a kind of service for our customers. A part of our site may access to our customers' personal information when our customers visit our homepage.(For the occasions when our customers take the following services voluntarily with free will such as online shopping, questionnaire, inquiry, mail sending registration, etc.)
The information to which we may get access are main personal information such as customer's name, mail address, telephone number, address, bill sending address, which are necessary when AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. provide services and the information related to the services. Furthermore, for the purposes of improving customers' convenience, we may ask for other information except above information, but limited to those which customers can have choices and provide by free will except for those required minimum items. What's more, AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. won't change any information which get access to without the agreement of our customers. Depending on the type of our homepage services, please previously understand that we may inform the third party about the information we get access to.(For example, customer's name and address are informed to the consigned company who deal with the delivery service, and so on).
AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. takes necessary measures in reasonable ranges in order to protect the privacy of our customers who visit our homepage. According to the services of our homepage, we endeavor to protect the information by encrypting it when we obtain the highly sensitive information (e.g. web money or credit card number, etc.)
AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. may have a change for the above policy. And we'll inform all the changes in our homepage at that time.

About Cookies
Cookies are more convenient for browsing when customers re-visit AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. website, but cookies won't violate customers' privacy and won't bring bad influences on customers' computer.
AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. may collect the information of the whole trends or patterns about viewing behaviors including cookies from visitors. Collected information will be analyzed for access trend in order to provide better service to customers by AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. (including consigned companies for survey analysis). Furthermore, the collected information will be treated secretly the same as personal information.
If customers don't want the information about yourselves to be collected, it's possible to reject receipt of cookies by setting web-browsing software (browser). However, it's necessary to set the receipt of cookies if using part of the functions such as "Call me". It's recommended to accept cookies so as to make full use of functions in our site.
Please inquire the related software makers about the setting method of browser.
Warranty and Limitation of Liability
The use of AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. website are done under customer's own responsibility. AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. will not take any responsibilities for all the losses created when using the various information obtained from our homepage or other websites in the links set in our homepage.
Applicable Law
AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. website is under the management of AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. Although our site can be accessed to by the countries from the whole world with different laws, customers who access to our site and AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. need both to agree with the rules about our site use bounded by Japanese laws and Tokyo regulations, regardless of the different law principles.
What's more, AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. won't done the description or display about whether the contents in our site are appropriate or not according to customers' environment. The access to our site is based on the free will of our customers and the responsibilities of using our site are taken by our customers. AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. pay the most important attention to security and privacy and take measures as long as possible in order that there is no worry for our customers to access to our site "AIOI UNIBIO Co., Ltd. Web".