Fermented Seasonings

Aimi Mirin Type

A kind of fermented seasoning, as mirin type, which utilizes the goodness of mirin and Japanese sake using the raw materials of glutinous rice. It's an exclusive product with high extract component and rich taste & fragrance.

  • Extract component/52.6
  • Specific gravity/1.1847
  • Alcohol/13.0
  • pH/5.0
  • Salt/2.1
Aimi Mirin Type 1.8L bottle 4971435230552
Aimi Mirin Type 1.8L PET 4971435230583
Aimi Mirin Type 1L PET 4971435230514

Raw Materials liquid glucose, alcohol, rice, glutinous rice, salt, rice koji(enzyme)
Expiration Date 18 months

A kind of fermented seasoning which utilizes the goodness of Japanese sake. It's a product which can be widely used in a variety of cuisines as secret taste and as for cost, is also easy and convenient for household use.

  • Extract component/49.6
  • Specific gravity/1.1751
  • Alcohol/11.5
  • pH/4.8
  • Salt/1.9
Aimi 1.8L PET 4971435105850

Raw Materials liquid glucose, rice, alcohol, salt, rice koji(enzyme), seasoning(amino acid, etc.)
Expiration Date 18 months