Mirin-fu Seasonings

AIOI Mirin-fu

A kind of seasoning which can get the teri(glossing) and tuya(lustering) effects close to hon-mirin, although it contains almost no alcohol with less than 1%. It can be easily used with a little sour.

  • Specific gravity/1.2736
  • Alcohol/under 0.9
  • pH/2.8
AIOI Mirin-fu 1.8L PET 4971435230576

Raw Materials liquid glucose, sugar, fermented seasoning, brewed vinegar, alcohol, perfume, acidulant
Expiration Date 12 months

A kind of seasoning which utilizes the sweetness of mirin. It can be used for sweetness adding or teri(lustering) adding, although it contains no salt and almost no alcohol with less than 1%. It also can gather the tastes of cuisines as it contains enough umami components.

  • Specific gravity/1.2625
  • Alcohol/under 0.9
  • pH/4.3
Sinmiryo 1.8L bottle 4971435110557

Raw Materials liquid glucose, fermented seasoning, seasoning (amino acid, etc.), acidulant, V.B1, alcohol
Expiration Date 12 months