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Taste spreading goes well as hon-mirin and Japanese sake are fully used. And the color of cuisines won't become dark even stewing, which is different from the cuisines when adding soy sauce. It's a kind of universal liquid dashi with rich umami of katuo(bonito)and konbu(kelp). It can be used in various cuisines from noodle soup, stewed cooking to nabe(pot) dish as it has no peculiar flavor.

  • Extract component/59.9
  • Specific gravity/1.2208
  • Alcohol/6.3
  • pH/5.5
  • Salt/19.3
Irohadasi 1.8L PET 4971435531581

Raw Materials hon-mirin, salt, extract (bonito, kelp), Japanese sake, sugar, liquid glucose, fermented seasoning, saccharified reduced starch, protein hydrolysate, dextrin, seasoning (amino acid, etc.) (Part of the raw materials contain mackerel)
Expiration Date 12 months
AIOI Akazake

A kind of sake with a bit red, which the acid of sake is neutralized by adding wood ash into Japanese sake. It can be expected the puffy effects instead of making meat or fish getting tight and it can also perfectly boil the vegetables with bitter without changing the color.

  • Extract component/49.7
  • Specific gravity/1.1751
  • Alcohol/12
  • pH/above 5.5
AIOI Akazake 1.8L bottle 4971435710566

Raw Materials rice, rice koji(enzyme), saccharide
Expiration Date 18 months
Mirin Kasu Kobore-ume

It's a product with elegant taste from the deliciousness of glutinous rice and mirin.

  • Mirin Kasu Kobore-ume  200g pouch
Mirin Kasu Kobore-ume 200g pouch 4971435510005

Raw Materials 20kg/glutinous rice, rice koji(enzyme), distilled alcohol, shochu Otsu(single distilled spirits)
200g/glutinous rice, rice koji(enzyme), distilled alcohol
Expiration Date 20kg/12 months
200g/6 months
AIOI Hon-mirin Pickles

Cucumis melo is carefully pickled in high-quality mirin & sake lees and used with luxurious hon-mirin.Its taste is secretly handed down from ancient in our company.

AIOI Hon-mirin Tuke 400g box None
AIOI Hon-mirin Tuke 700g box None

Raw Materials Cucumis melo, mirin lees, mirin, sugar, sake lees, salt
Expiration Date 5 months